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Your journey begins now!

A journey of adventure doesn't begin when you're ready to push off from shore. In reality it starts long before ... when a small drop of inspiration begins to form an idea. Over time, that idea turns into a dream which, under the right conditions,  becomes nurtured into a plan, one of adventure filled with a sea of promise.


You know what you are looking for on this journey - open spaces, breathing room, the excitement of new experiences, and freedom to explore new places.


You have a desire to push your boundaries a little, as you know you can, and crave connection - with yourself, others, the outdoors and especially the ocean. Of course, everyone's path will look different but when all of the elements finally come together - they will be salted with awe and wonder, everything you have been imagining and missing ... up until now. 

"Every  journey on the water, begins with one small stroke."  


-ancient ocean goer-

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Lessons & Courses

This is where that drop of inspiration turns into the steady drip off your paddle blade during a break in your first lesson. It's that moment when you've learned some technique, that you stop to enjoy the beauty around you and imagine the adventures that lie ahead.

Social Paddles

Some skills in hand, here's the chance to safely socialize in a no-stress Friday night paddle with like-minded adventurers under the watchful eyes of expert paddlers. And it's free, other than eqiuipment rentals.


Day Tours

As your comfort on the water grows, so will your appetite for bigger challenges. A day trip might take you up Finlayson Arm, the fjord off Brentwood Bay, with a beach stop for lunch. And the glorious Southern Gulf Islands are right at our doorstep.

Multiday Trips

The island's embarrassment of paddling riches, including the Southern Gulf Islands, Tofino and Port Renfrew, is the next step in a multiday trip that will test your skills but provide soft landings at inns or B&B's. Some trips bring out the kid in you again with a little more rustic camping under the stars. These adventures will include vibrant food, music and coastal culture, too.

Lunch Table

Secret Paddles

Social gatherings salted with mystery.  Scenic paddles with a secret destination culminating in an eclectic celebration of food, music and coastal culture. Paddlers and non-paddlers alike, have the opportunity to join us on these wonderous adventures.


"Every  journey on the water begins with one small stroke."

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