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Multiday Trips & Covid-19

Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventure has been dedicated to delivering exceptional getaways for paddlers like you for the last six years. We have continuously updated our health and safety practices, booking and cancellation procedures in response to this ever-changing pandemic and we continue to pursue a high level of travel and wellness standards.

The current state of affairs is fluid, and our reaction will vary as events develop. We'll keep you updated as new information comes in. For guests on multiday trip who are concerned about the continuously shifting landscape, we're communicating directly about the adjustments. We value your confidence in us, and we're here to help you make the best decisions possible.

Unless travel restrictions are reinstated, we will continue to operate all planned 2022 excursions .

We'll keep going with all planned SUP adventures in 2022. We will continue to follow any warnings and reach out to guests if any restrictions are reinstated before trip launch day. As the situation changes, we will continue to evaluate our policies.

To browse our 2022 multiday SUP inspired adventures, click here. 

Our deposit, payment, and cancellation policies are created to meet the demands of everyone involved: our clients, vendors, and ourselves. We've worked hard to find areas where we can loosen our rules while still maintaining the integrity of these partnerships. We reserve the right to modify these policies without notice at any time. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your kindness and support throughout this ever-changing and unpredictable era.

Do you need a vaccine to Participate?

We've updated our health and safety measures in response to provincial health measures and mandates. In an effort to be cautious, Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventures, now requires:

  • All multiday trip participants must be fully vaccinated. This applies to all trips of more than 1 day in duration. We will continue to monitor the public health guidelines and be prepared to adjust accordingly. 

What if my trip is called off due to new travel restrictions?

If Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventures is unable to deliver the multiday trip due to travel difficulties after the booking has been confirmed, you have the following choices: 

1) You can move your retreat payment (less any pre-payment/non-refundable expenditures already made with vendors) to the same trip on a different date.

2) Put your payment (less any pre-payment/non-refundable expenditures already made with vendors) on file with no expiration date for use at a later date.

3) Request a refund of your trip payment less any non-refundable costs incurred by our suppliers. We work with our suppliers in each location to minimize the amount of non-refundable expenditures and gain as much of your money back as feasible.

NOTE: If you purchased travel insurance, you can claim the non-refundable portion of your payment from your travel insurance provider. We can provide you with a receipt and Letter of Cancellation for this insurance claim.

What if I become ill and am forced to quarantine myself?

We will follow local rules and directives, and your trip guide will do everything possible to help you. We strongly advise that you check your travel insurance policy before going so you know what level of coverage you are entitled to if you are quarantined or become ill while traveling. All coverage inquiries should be directed to your insurance provider directly.

When travelling, we recommend a contingency fund for unforeseen circumstances. We suggest that you keep $800 CAD (or equivalent in USD) in case of medical emergencies. Please be advised that Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventures is not responsible for any extra expenses resulting from quarantine or sickness.

Should I get travel insurance?

​Yes, medical coverage is required if you are joining us outside of your home province or country. If you're traveling domestically, we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance related to trip cancellation, interruption etc. In the event that you are unable to complete your trip as planned, owing to unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance can assist you in recovering any money that has been lost.

What if I cancel last minute?

Normal terms and conditions policy applies.

What if my scheduled multiday trip is called off due to a lack of attendance?

We will rebook you on the same retreat at a later date, or put your entire retreat payment on file as credit to be used for future travel with us.

We are here to help!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: what makes sense today may not make sense tomorrow. Please be aware that these rules may be modified without notice as a consequence of this rapidly changing environment.


Our dedication to assisting you as a paddler has not wavered. The staff at Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventures is as dedicated to creating outstanding SUP Adventures for years to come and hope you will join us!

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