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1:1 Paddle Board

Pam offers SUP lessons to anyone wanting a customized paddling experience. Whether you're nervous or someone preparing for their instructor exams, getting an individualized session with Pam will ensure that when you are in the water; all fears are cast away thanks to her friendly demeanour and patient approach to teaching new techniques. In your 1:1 lesson, she will focus on building your confidence and improving your skills. 

 *Lessons do not include rentals/ add $40

Small Group

Private Group Lessons are popular with bubble groups like couples, families, friends and co-workers looking for a short on-water experience. 90-mins is the perfect time to refine some skills or do a little tour around the cove. 

Lesson Pricing

2 people - $75/person

3-4 people - $65/ person

5-6 people - $55/person


*Lessons do not include rentals/ add $40 per person.

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Something for Everyone 

Are you looking for something else, maybe 1:1 lessons aren't for you?


Well, here at Blue JellyFish SUP we aim to cater to everyone. 

  • Forward Stroke Clinic

  • Back Stroke Clinic

  • Emergency Scenario Clinic, etc...

Whether you're looking for a way to improve your forward stroke technique or want some tips on how best to handle difficult water conditions, Pam has the expertise needed to provide specialized clinics tailored to your needs.

Specialized clinics tailored to your needs.

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