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8 Tips to Get Fit & Ready for SUP Adventures

Do you dream of paddling on the ocean, the wind in your hair and excitement bubbling up inside you? There's something about standup paddleboarding (SUP) adventures that capture our imaginations – and make us want to take them on. But before heading off for that incredible SUP journey, it's important to ensure you are fit and ready. With these 8 tips, you'll easily get there. So don't wait any longer - let’s embark on this amazing journey together.

#1 Start DRY-LAND training early.

Red Paddle has 8 great exercises you can start today. Work towards increasing the intensity and duration of your dry-land training workouts through May and June. Continue to cross-train with dryland through the summer and maintain it all winter.

Paddleboarding uses the whole board, so exercises like planks, core work, lat pull downs, calf raises and squats support and the big muscle groups.

#2 Improve BALANCE.

You can build a strong SUP foundation by practicing balancing exercises or adding in a balance board. Paddleboarding requires quite a bit of balance, especially in wavy or turbulent conditions. Simple things like standing on one foot, tree pose or single-leg squats are a great way to get started.

#3 Strengthen your FEET.

All new paddlers and everyone early in the season, complain about their feet hurting. Start with at-home foot exercises or head out for some sand walking! Calf raises, toe stretches, and other foot exercises can help you prepare and not have your feet hurt.

#4 Start getting ONBOARD.

Take short outings in calm, safe coves or bays to start building up your endurance. Our Social Paddles are the perfect opportunity to build this into your weekly spring fitness routine. Not near Victoria, BC? Check out for one in your area.

#5 Learn more about protecting your SHOULDERS.

Correct paddle grips, length, and technique all play a part in ensuring the correct range of motion through your stoke. Your cross-training and

#6 Take up SWIMMING.

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for paddleboarding because it strengthens and tones your entire body without putting too much stress on your joints. I have been swimming since February and am really feeling the rewards now.

#7 Incorporate YOGA into your weekly routine.

All strengthening must be complemented with stretching so try these yoga poses to support your SUP training.

#8 Set some SUP goals for the summer.

Goals are different for everyone. signing up for a training course, booking a multiday SUP adventure or planning your own SUP adventure so you have something to work towards.

Congratulations to you for making the first step toward your summer paddleboard adventures! You're ready to hit the high seas with your improved balance, and strengthened feet, and get yourself onboard. Since we want you to make it through a paddling season injury-free, don't forget to learn about protecting your shoulders during long sessions. Swimming can be incorporated into your training routine to help boost performance out on the water. To top off any session, consider adding yoga to your weekly routine too as it's an effective practice that helps improve strength and flexibility.

Now that you have all this knowledge under your belt, set some unforgettable SUP goals for the summer. Take a moment before you start every journey out onto the waves - Remember why you're there and enjoy it. Let us know how you're paddleboard training is going - we are always eager to hear about awesome experiences.

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