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The Best Of Gros Morne National Park Hiking

Gros Morne National Park is a hiker's paradise, tucked away in Canada’s easternmost province of Newfoundland & Labrador. With the awe-inspiring Long Range Mountains, flourishing wildlife, and beautiful coastlines dotted with lighthouses, charming seaside villages, and freshwater fjords - it may just be one of the most breathtaking parks out there that you've yet to discover! Explore opportunities here at Gros Morne National Park!

Best Hiking Trails

Gros Morne Mountain Hiking Trail

View from gros morne mountain
Photo Credit AllTrails

Gros Morne Mountain is the namesake of the park. This hard hike is 18km and has 940 meters of elevation gain. This hike consists of two sections, an easy 5km of groomed trail to take you to the base of the mountain and then a hard 8km loop to take you up and over the mountain. The trail passes through boreal forest as your approach the base and then climbs a steep rocky gully to an exposed arctic-alpine plateau at the top. You’ll see fantastic views of Ten Mile Pond and the Long Range mountains before descending the back of the mountain down to the base.

You can get more info on the hike here.


View From the Tablelands trail
Photo Credit AllTrails

The Tablelands are a UNESCO world heritage site. This easy hike is 8km with 210 meters of elevation gain. Explore the otherworldly landscape of the Tablelands as you hike around the base of the mountain. This big flat-topped massif was once a part of the earth’s mantle before the forces of plate tectonics pushed it up to the surface. The trail takes you from the parking lot into the back of Winter House Gorge giving you stunning views of the unique landscape.

You can get more info on the hike here.

Green Gardens, Gros Morne

Green Gardens Trail
Photo Credit AllTrails

The Green Gardens trail will take you through three striking landscapes in a short time. This moderate hike is 11km if you explore the beach (and you have to explore the beach!) there is 410 meters of elevation gain. The trail takes you through the barrens of Tablelands to a lush boreal forest as you descend to a photogenic volcanic coastline adorned with sea stacks and spectacular rock formations. There is an optional staircase to take you to the beach where the sea stacks and cave are, so making the descent is a must. There are two tent sites on this hike that make for excellent camping.

You can get more info on the hike here.

Snug Harbour

View from snug habour
Photo Credit AllTrails

Snug Habor is the closest you can get to the beautiful Western Brook Pond Fjord on foot. This hard trail is 15km with 230 meters of elevation gain. The trail starts on the Western Brook Pond trail then at the pond the trail hooks to the left and follows the shoreline around to an inlet at the mouth of the gorge. Be warned, you’ll have to cross Western Brook and the water can be high after a rainfall. It is advised to bring sandals to cross the river in. Snug Habour is a beautiful campsite for those willing to hike in with their tents.

You can get more info on the hike here.

Trout River Pond Trail

view of trout river pond
Photo Credit AllTrails

Trout River, Gros Morne is a scenic town on the southern border of the Tablelands and is a must see if you’re in that half of the park. This moderate hike is 14km with 190 meters of elevation gain. The tail skirts the north side of the pond through boreal forest and travels along the foot of the tablelands until the forest dwindles to larch scrub and barrens. This trail takes you to a beautiful viewpoint of a glacially carved valley. You can even go down to the beach and explore the narrows, a pinch point between the inner and outer sections of Trout River Pond.

You can get more info on the hike here.

Best Backcountry Hikes / Gros Morne Guided Hikes

Backcountry hiking in Newfoundland takes on a new level of exploration and challenge. You can expect these hikes to have no trail, few markings, rough technical terrain, and the most astounding views. Unless you are prepared for the navigational aspect of these hikes it is advised that you hire a guide! Companies like Out East Adventures, Wild Gros Morne, and Gros Morne Outdoor Company are great places to hire a guide.

Big Lookout

Big lookout view
Photo Credit AllTrails

Big lookout is the bigger brother to the popular Lookout hike over the Discovery center. This day hike is 10km and has 530 meters of elevation gain. The route starts in Woody Point on a seldomly maintained trail where you ascend to the grasslands. With no real trail in the grasslands, you’ll need to know where you’re going to get across them. On the grasslands, you can find a dilapidated boardwalk that takes you to the base of Big Lookout. The ascent of Big Lookout offers the most stunning 360-degree views of Bonne Bay.

You can get more info on the hike here.

Tablelands Off Trail Loop

Tablelands offtrail hike
Photo Credit AllTrails

The tablelands off trail route is another day hike. It is 12km with 590 meters of elevation gain. The trail starts on the regular Tablelands trail but at the end of Winterhouse Gorge, you can go off trail and climb to the rim of the garage and follow it around to the Trout River Bowl, and descend back to the parking lot. While this trail offers the best views of the Tablelands that you can get it is also very challenging footing.

You can get more info on the hike here.

Western Brook Pond Day Hike

western brook pond
Photo Credit AllTrails

The Western Brook Pond day hike is the only hike in the park where it is required to have a guide. It involves a boat ride to the back of Western Brook Pond, where the hike to the rim of the gorge begins. This hike takes you through the most stunning terrain in Grose Morne, Western Brook Gorge with its 650 meter cliffs, looks great from the boat but wait until you’re standing on top of it.

You’ll have to book with Out East Adventures to go on this hike.

Long Range Traverse

This is the most iconic backcountry hike in Newfoundland. The Longrange Traverse is a 37km trail with 1700 meters of elevation gain. This hike is usually done in 3-4 days. This adventure starts with a boat ride into the back of the stunning Western Brook Gorge. The hike takes you up to the rim of the gorge and across the highlands past the rest of Gros Morne’s fjords. Immerse yourself in a stunning mountain landscape filled with glacial fjords, vibrant valleys, and endless streams. Nature has truly blessed this area; it is teeming with wildlife including Woodland caribou, moose, rock ptarmigan, and Arctic hare as well as an array of unique flora adapted to the rugged arctic-alpine terrain.

Resources for this hike can be found here. Details about the route can be found here.

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