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25 Gift Ideas for a Paddleboarding Family

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

The holidays are coming up, and that means it's time to start thinking about what gifts you're going to give your loved ones. If you're looking for something fun and unique, why not consider a paddleboarding gift? Paddleboarding is a great way for families to spend time together outdoors, and it's perfect for all ages. In this article, we'll provide a guide to the best paddleboard gifts for families. We'll also offer tips on getting started with paddleboarding if you're new to the sport. So read on for ideas that will have everyone in your family excited for the holidays!

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If you're looking for a great gift for a family of Paddleboarders, you might want to think about getting them a new headlamp. A good headlamp is essential for any paddler just in case they get stuck out on the water after dark.

Throw bag

A throw bag is a great gift for a paddling family. A throw bag is essentially a bag filled with a buoyant rope that you can use to help someone who has fallen into the water. It's a crucial piece of safety gear for anyone who enjoys paddleboarding, canoeing, or kayaking and it can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

If you're looking for a safe and practical gift for a paddler in your life, then consider buying them a throw bag. They'll be grateful for your thoughtfulness! Browse MEC's supply of throw bags here.

Dry Bag

A dry bag is another great gift idea for a family of paddleboarders. A dry bag is a water-tight bag that you can use to store your belongings while you're out on the water. It's perfect for keeping your clothes, food, and other items dry and safe from the elements.

You can buy dry bags at your local paddling shop or you can visit the MEC website.

Tilley Hat

A Tilley hat is a great gift for a paddleboarding family for a few reasons. First of all, they're incredibly durable, ensuring they will stand up to the abuse of an adventure family. They're also comfortable, stylish and protect you from the sun. Making them a great choice for a paddling family.

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We are busy working hard each month to provide you with accessories that we know you paddleboarders will love.

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Let’s delve a little deeper into what we have to offer. (BONUS they are all under $50 CAD)

All of these Coastal Togues will keep you warm and cozy on all of your Stand Up Paddle adventures.

  • Neck Gaiter - BJF branded, not only does it protect others around you. Neck Gaiters also protect you in all weather conditions. On warm, sunny days, they protect you from getting sunburned and In winter, they protect your neck and face from getting cold and wind burned.


Sunglasses also make a great. The sun can be really bright out on the water, and it's important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses also help to prevent eye fatigue, which is important when you're spending a lot of time on the water. So if you're looking for a practical and protective gift for a paddleboarding family, consider buying them some sunglasses.

Sun Screen

Green People Organic Sun lotion. It is super important to get sunscreen that isn’t harmful to your skin and the reef. Perfect for sensitive skin and will give their body full protection.

* Did you know Scientists find 14,000 tons of sunscreen deposited in the ocean and reefs every year? *

Electric Pump

For a family of 4, there is no better gift than an electric pump. Believe it or not, hand-pumping a stand-up paddle board is a lot of work and having to do that for 3-5 boards would be exhausting. So purchasing them an electric pump will be just the gift to put a smile on their face every time they go for an adventure.

Collapsable Mini Camp Chairs

Mini camp chairs are amazing! They're the perfect spot to relax at the end of a long day. And if you're taking kids camping, they'll be extra grateful to have a comfortable place to sit. It might just make their day.

If you are interested in buying some mini camp chairs, I would suggest one like this.

Tech Wash (TX Direct)

If you're looking for a unique and practical gift for a paddler in your life, consider buying them a bottle of Tech wash. Tech wash is a special cleaner that is designed to clean and protect all rain gear. It's perfect for almost all different kinds of rain gear.

One bottle of Tech Wash will last you an entire season, making it the perfect long-term investment for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. So if you're looking for a way to keep your loved ones safe and gear in good condition, buy them a bottle of Tech Wash!

Down Proof

Down Proof is a special detergent that is designed to clean and protect all down gear. This makes a great present for people who love spending time outside! Most outdoor families have down gear, that, if not cleaned correctly, could ruin the material and decrease its lifespan. So why not pick them up some Drown Proof and keep them warmer for long.

Water purifier

The MSR MiniWorks EX Purifier System is a great gift for outdoor families because it filters out 99.9999% of all bacteria and protozoa from water, making it safe to drink. This is important because outdoor families often spend a lot of time camping and hiking, and being able to safely drink the water they come across is essential. The MSR MiniWorks EX Purifier System is also small and weights in at just over 1lb making it easy to pack.

Alpine Spatula

An alpine spatula is a great gift for an outdoor family because it's the perfect tool for cooking in the backcountry. It's durable, lightweight and can fold up making it easy to pack. So if you're looking for a practical and useful gift for an outdoor family, consider buying them an alpine spatula.


Having small games on hand for a multiday trip is a great way to pass the time, especially if you have kids with you (and it's raining). If you get stuck in bad weather or just feel like hanging out in the tent, having a small, lightweight and compact game can help make the time go by.

Below is a list of our top 10 games to bring on a backcountry trip:

  1. Basecamp Cards

  2. Chessboard (Travel Sized)

  3. Checkers board (Travel Sized)

  4. Sequence (Travel Sized)

  5. Scrabble (Travel Sized)

  6. Connect 4 (Travel Sized)

  7. Catan (Travel Sized)

  8. Uno

  9. Yahtzee


Chocolate and treats are always a hit for an outdoor family. Sweet and savoury snacks are great to have on hand for long days on the trail or after a long day of paddling.

  • Chocolate bars and deserts

  • Trailmix

  • Peanut butter pretzels

You could also get them some dehydrated camping meals making the planning of their next outdoor adventure easier.


Instead of buying them a product, why not purchase a memory? By gifting an experience, your gift may last a lifetime and it may be cheaper than the product you were going to buy. So what types of experiences can you gift?

A Day of Adventure

A day's adventure is a great option as a gift. You could either, plan a day out on the water in your local area or book something for them during their next vacation.

It's super helpful to plan the paddle route, prep the meals, be the shuttle (if you are gifting this to another family) and of course, join if you are a paddler as well. Alternatively, you could gift them a day tour with a local paddling guide and have a company take care of all the logistics. For instance, if you are here on Vancouver Island, Blue Jellyfish SUP Adventure is always delighted to take a family of paddleboarders out on the ocean.

The Gift of Knowledge

A guidebook, map, or even a lesson make excellent presents for the paddleboarders in your life. However, if you want to go above and beyond, sign them up for a weekend Paddle Canada Course so they can learn something new while exploring different areas.

Worldly Girlies - Lifestraw

There are many options when it comes to choosing a gift for an outdoor family. You can go with a practical item like a water purifier or alpine spatula, or you could choose something fun like a game set.

Don't forget about the sweet and savoury snacks! Trail mix, chocolate bars, and dehydrated camping meals are all great choices that will make that outdoor family happy.

But if you really want to make an impression, think about gifting them an experience they'll never forget. A day of paddling on their local river or lake, a guided tour with a local paddling guide, or even signing them up for a weekend Paddle Canada Course can be the perfect present for any outdoor enthusiast.

If you didn't find anything of interest for the paddleboarding family in your life in this post

Try looking through the other gift guides below!

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