Best Gifts For Paddleboarders

Updated: Feb 1

The holiday season is fast approaching sp we wanted to help make things a little easier for you with our Cool Paddle Board Gifts for SUP Enthusiasts Gift Guide! We recognize not everyone's the same so we have created subcategories so you can find the perfect present for your SUP enthusiast.

Luckily for us, paddleboarding is becoming more mainstream each year meaning there are more accessories, gift cards and ways to give back available.

We believe that the best SUP accessories should make a day out on the water even more enjoyable. Paddleboarding gear should be fit for purpose, durable and warm enough for wild SUP adventures especially in cold weather. Let’s make it easier to get out on the water.

Preferably the best paddle boarding gifts are also sustainably sourced and made with eco-friendly materials.

So let’s look into some great gift ideas perfect for everyone!

For the beginner to the experienced!

Whether your favourite SUP fanatic is a beginner and needs to get kitted out with their first pieces of essential gear - or you’re shopping for an experienced paddler who seems to have everything - this SUP holiday gift guide has all the things on their wish list you could ever need to surprise and delight them.

The no-gift gifts!

We have all been in the situation where we have given a gift to someone and it may have slightly missed the mark. Either they already have it, it’s the wrong colour or they just simply won’t use it.

The ultimate goal is to avoid wasting resources as opposed to scoring something better for them and spending more money. One strategy is to suggest alternatives to the traditional physical gift.

Let’s look at two different ways you can give a thoughtful gift without running into the possibility of them not liking it!

  • Give the gift of your time. A gift card for a paddle boarding lesson or day tour is a great gift because you can do it together! The scenic waters of the Saanich Peninsula including the more dynamic waters of the Southern Gulf Islands provide the backdrop for learning and exploring that will have them confidently and safely set off on their own paddling adventures.

  • Support the largest ocean cleanup in history. Your donation will be made to The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) foundation. Choose the amount you wish to donate on their behalf and help support their cause and help our beautiful ocean be free of plastic. The process is quick and easy but the rewards last a lifetime.

Watching the ocean at sunset

Gift Experiences & Memories

We know from personal experience the best types of gifts are experiences rather than materialistic things. You remember and talk about experiences for years, but material things lose their value quickly as the next best thing becomes available.

If you don’t buy an experience (maybe you’re worried about them forgetting about the voucher, and it expiring – been there, done that!), the next best thing you can do is to buy the thing that helps them get out there and make their own experiences!

Below is three experiences that we highly recommend;

Using the paddleplanner app
  • A lesson with PAM! A 90-minute lesson to give them the opportunity to learn 1-on-1 with me. These are personally tailored private lessons that can address problem areas in their paddling technique, help them practise new skills, learn how to make better decisions, and some useful ways to help them improve.

Lesson Schedule | Gift Cards

  • Treat the whole family. This small group family activity focuses on paddle boarding and ocean literacy. We’ll be searching for sea stars, otters, and giant moon snails with a marine biologist, then stopping for a picnic lunch on the beach. You may see; Otters, eagles, sea stars, jellyfish, crabs, seals and other fascinating marine life. It’s a perfect adventure for all the family!

Family Adventure | Gift Cards

  • Pay for someone’s app for a year! We recently did a blog post listing all the apps, websites and tech tools we use when we are out on our SUP adventures. Although this isn’t an experience these apps go a long way in enhancing your experience and making sure you can plan ahead. Read our must-have apps here.

Gifts for the Adventurous Family

This gift guide is for families who enjoy getting outside and having lots of adventures. I’ve also decided to highlight Canadian businesses and products because I’m a proud Canadian. Many of the businesses in this section are family-owned and operated, so your purchases from these companies support families.

Let’s get into it.

  • Gift a Basecamp Card Co. Deck. Basecamp Cards are the perfect game to bring along on any outdoor family adventure. It’s a full deck of cards, and each card has a fun icebreaker-type question on it. These cards are light, water-resistant and multipurpose!

  • Donate to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Teach your children the importance of giving back. The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has a mission to protect Canada’s wilderness and oceans for this century and beyond. This organization has been instrumental in many ways. From protecting wildlife to helping Canadians connect with nature, there are many worthy causes that you could help support.

  • Take the whole (adult) family to Discovery Island Lodge. This experience is for paddleboarders who are interested in exploring their coastlines for day tours and multi-day overnight trips. You will be introduced to navigating in a coastal environment, route planning, and more with an emphasis on knowledge, navigation and safety skills.

Paddleboarding in front of Discovery lodge

The scenic waters of the Discovery Islands provide the backdrop for learning and exploring that will have you confidently and safely set off on your own paddling adventures. Best for families with adult ‘children' who can all paddle 4-6 hours per day ;)

Sustainable SUP Gifts

We feel it is extremely important to shop sustainably and locally when you can. Local brands focus on quality, using materials and finishes that are made to last as well as being kind to the environment. In choosing sustainable brands that provide quality, you can reduce your waste as well as the amount of clothing that you buy which also saves you money!

Let’s dive into products that are sustainable and perfect for a holiday gift.

  • LifeStraw Universal - Let them drink clean water wherever their paddle board takes them! This Lifestraw includes a water filter, narrow and wide mouth cap, and standard and sports mouthpieces PLUS leak-proof lid. It is ultra-light and won’t take up much space at all.

  • 10L Waterproof Dry Bag - Aqua Quest is a proudly Canadian company based in British Columbia. They have designed and tested waterproof gear since 96. PLUS all their products are protected by AQ’s Two-Year ‘No Worries Warranty.

  • ANY Smartwool fleeces - These quick drying, long sleeve jackets are all made using recycled wool. They are designed to help you be a force in nature while creating less impact on the environment. Perfect to wear when taking part in any form of water sports.

  • Green People Organic Sun lotion. It is super important to get a sunscreen that isn’t harmful to your skin and the reef. Perfect for sensitive skin and will give their body full protection.

* Did you know Scientists find 14,000 tons of sunscreen deposited in the ocean and reefs every year? *

Worldly Girlies - Lifestraw

Shop Local SUP Shops

Buying from a small company sometimes takes a bit more effort, or planning, rather than buying from Amazon for example. Although in our opinion it is so much more rewarding. More often than not the personal customer service you get is way better than anything offered by a huge corporation. (maybe we are biased as we are a local small business)

We want to introduce you to some local brands in our area that we absolutely think you should check out!

  • Cascadia Board Co - Their boards are some of the best around and with their tagline being “ All boards include a lifetime warranty because peace of mind shouldn't expire.” - How could you resist?

  • Coast Surf Shop - Coast Surf Shop is a little family-owned Surf, Paddle Board and Clothing shop with a big selection located in Comox and Cumberland B.C. on Vancouver Island.

  • Island Surf Co - Island Surf Co. has grown to become a leader amongst Canadian surf shops showcasing a boardroom stocked with world-renowned boards such as Bing, Stewart, Dewey Weber, G&S, Walden, Hobie and Harbour to name a few. The boardroom at Island Surf Co. boasts the largest selection of longboards in Canada. They are always fully stocked with boards and accessories and have everything you could possibly want!

Gifts for Ocean Lovers

Children enjoying the Marine Education programme

Coming up with unique fun ideas can be difficult. Ocean lovers love to have meaningful gifts and more than likely already have the basics. Let’s introduce you to an ideal gift for EVERYONE;

  • Treat your ocean lover to our Marine Education Programme so they can delve deep into their love of the ocean, and fully immerse themselves in this hands-on experience.

We have a deep passion for getting you #closertotheocean and would love to support your on-water explorations.

Shop Cool Paddle Board Gifts in our Adventure Shop!

We are busy working hard each month to provide you with accessories that we know you paddle boarders will love.

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