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The Budget Gift Guide

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

We have all been in a situation where we have given a gift to someone and it may have slightly missed the mark. Either they already have it, it’s the wrong colour, or they just simply don’t use it.

In our view, the ultimate gifting goal is to avoid wasting resources on gifts that are questionably desirable or having to spend outside your gift budget.

One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is the no-gift route. Instead of gifting an item, money, or gift card. Try gifting them an experience, your time, or better yet a combination of the 2.

Below are a few of our favourite no-gift gift ideas for paddle boarders.

*This post contains affiliate links. Purchases using our links support our platform as we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. We only promote gear we have used ourselves and think is safe, high-quality and worth the investment. Thanks in advance if you choose to buy something we recommend!

Gift Your Time

People are often too busy with work, their social lives, and other activities to spend time with the ones they love. But time is one of the most precious commodities we have, and it’s something that can never be replaced.

That’s why spending time with friends and family is so important, and it makes for an excellent gift.

Plan a Full Day Outing

If your family or friend enjoys paddle boarding (which I am assuming they are if you are reading this blog) lookup paddle-boarding locations in your local area. A great app to help you find paddling destinations is Go Paddle otherwise Google Maps can be a great resource. This is a great way to show your appreciation, spend time reconnecting and get out in nature.

Gift the Gift of Repair

If you're looking for a unique and practical gift, repairing a piece of gear is a great option. It's the perfect gift for the outdoorsy person in your life, and it doesn't require spending a lot of money.

In fact, many times all that's needed to repair gear is some duct tape and a creative mind.

  • Patch their paddleboard

  • Patch their Dry Bag

  • Patch their wetsuit/ Raingear/ etc

  • Restring their deck lines

  • Techwash their rain gear

  • Run a shuttle for them

Donate on their Behalf

Support the largest ocean cleanup in history. Your donation will be made to The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) foundation. Choose the amount you wish to donate on their behalf and help support their cause and help our beautiful ocean be free of plastic. The process is quick and easy but the rewards last a lifetime.

Gift an Experience

We believe that experiences make the best gifts, rather than material items. You remember and talk about experiences for years, but material gifts... not so much. Combining an experience and your time sharing that experience will make that gift last a lifetime.

Below are some ideas of experience you can do with your paddling friend.

Look up if there are any local paddleboarding companies in the area. If you don't immediately find one search Canoeing or Kayaking. Sometimes these businesses do paddle boarding as well.

Schedule an appointment and go with your friend. That way you can both improve your paddling technique and become more confident when adventuring together.

If you are in the local area (Vancouver Island specifically the Saanich Peninsula) consider booking a SUP lesson with Pam. You will not only have a great time in a beautiful location but you will also learn a heck of a lot.

Gift a Day Tour

Same idea as the lesson, but instead of focusing on improving your skills why not go on an adventure? With a day tour, you and your friend can explore a local area that you have never explored before. If you want to give a gift that will create lasting memories, this is a great option. Every time your friend thinks of the location they'll be reminded of you.

If you're on Vancouver Island and looking for a surreal experience, Blue Jellyfish SUP offers various Paddleboarding Tours that are perfect for gifting and seeing the island in a new light.

Gift a Weekend Long Adventure

If you live on the West Coast and paddle board with your friend a lot, consider taking them on an Intro to Expedition trip. With these trips, all you need to do is arrive with your paddle gear and a sense of adventure. Typically between 3-5 days, these trips will have you and your friend paddling every day with options to either sleep in a tent or a beautiful secluded island lodge.

Check out our Intro to Paddleboarding Expeditions.

Gift an App

Pay for someone’s app for a short period of time. This is a great idea if you know what apps they use regularly. Do they use Strava? Go Paddle? Windy? Trail Forks? or anything else? Could you get them a year subscription to the app and make it that much better?

To give you a hand on what types of apps paddleboarders might use or could use to improve their experience while out on the board check out our Best Paddleboarding Apps Post.

The options for gifts are endless when it comes to paddleboarding, but we believe that experiences make the best gifts. Whether you choose to gift a lesson, day tour, or weekend-long adventure, your friend will appreciate the thought and memories that come along with it.

We hope this gift guide was helpful and gave you some inspiration for a gift to provide to your loved one.

Have any other great No-Gift Gift Ideas? Leave a comment below.

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