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A Gift Guide for Ocean Lovers

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special ocean lover in your life? Look no further! We've put together a list of some of the best gifts out there for anyone who loves spending time near the water.

*This post contains affiliate links. Purchases using our links support our platform as we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. We only promote gear we have used ourselves and think is safe, high-quality and worth the investment. Thanks in advance if you choose to buy something we recommend!

Gift-giving can be a tough task, especially when you are trying to think of something unique and special. If you have a friend or loved one who loves the ocean, binoculars make an excellent gift. With binoculars, they will be able to see all sorts of ocean life up close and in detail. There are many different types and styles of binoculars available on the market, so you can find a pair that is perfect for your friend's needs.

Plus, binoculars are relatively inexpensive, making them a great gift option for any budget. So if you are looking for gift ideas for someone who loves the ocean, consider binoculars. They are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift.

Whale watching is a popular pastime for many people who love the ocean. However, it can be difficult to identify the different types of whales that one might see.

A Whale ID book is a perfect gift for someone who loves spending time on the water. This type of book provides detailed information on the different kinds of whales, including pictures and descriptions. With this helpful guide, anyone can quickly and easily identify the different types of whales they may see. As a result, gifting a Whale ID book is a great way to help someone enjoy this popular activity even more.

Birding is a popular hobby for many ocean lovers. These enthusiasts spend countless hours outside, often on the water, in pursuit of their feathered friends. In any given day, they may see dozens of different bird species. While this can be an enjoyable experience, it can also be frustrating if you don't know what you're looking at.

Bird ID books are an excellent way to help identify the birds you see. They typically include pictures and descriptions of common bird species, making it easy to find a match. They also provide information on habitat and range, so you can narrow down your search. Bird ID books make a great gift for any ocean lover in your life.

Get a Seabin Installed at Your Local Marina

Seabin is a handy product that can clean up water bodies of plastics of all shapes and sizes. Seabins are devices that are installed in water bodies and use the natural flow of water to collect rubbish. Seabins can collect all sorts of floating marine debris, including microplastics. Seabins are a great way to do your part in cleaning up the ocean.

You can figure out how to get Seabin installed at your local water body by contacting the Seabin Project. The Seabin Project is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to cleaning up the world's oceans. You can help the Seabin Project by buying a bin or donating on their website.

Donate on Their Behalf

Ocean Cleanup is a nonprofit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. So far, they have collected over 100,000Kg of plastic and their technologies are only getting better.

Donating to Ocean Cleanup is a great gift to give to any ocean lover. Although they will not be getting a physical gift, knowing that they have contributed to history's biggest cleanup project will be a great feeling.

The perfect Christmas gift has finally arrived. Adopt a Coral and join the effort to save our planet’s precious ecosystems. With your help, we can protect our oceans from the ravages of climate change and make this holiday season even more meaningful.

Make a difference by providing expert restoration for coral reefs—the epicentre of marine life—which are in dire need of help due to overfishing, pollution, and acidification. As you give the ultimate present, you’ll not only be showing your care and love for a special someone this holiday season, but also for Earth’s majestic beauty and sustainability.

Show your commitment to ocean conservation through an Adopt A Coral gift certificate - with each adoption, you'll receive an official certificate that can be personalized with your own name or dedication. Not only will this certificate serve as an incredible talking piece amongst friends and family over the Christmas period; it'll stand as a symbol of your awe-inspiring commitment to protecting our planet's health.

This is a stunningly unique way to show somebody how much they mean to you while sending a message of hope to thousands through ocean protection. Support local communities and make waves with the greatest gift money can buy: Adopt A Coral today.

As anyone who's ever spent a day at the beach knows, sunscreen is essential for protecting against harmful UV rays. But what many people don't realize is that regular sunscreen can be bad for the ocean and its reefs.

Reef-safe sunscreen, on the other hand, is made with ingredients that are not harmful to marine life. So if you're looking for a way to help the ocean lover in your life, buying them some reef-safe sunscreen is a great option. Not only will it help to protect them from the sun, but it will also help to preserve the ocean's delicate ecosystem.

Gift them Knowledge

A membership to a marine science centre makes a great ocean lovers gift! It is the perfect way for your ocean lover to delve deep into their passion for all things marine! This hands-on experience will give them the opportunity to learn about marine life and the importance of marine conservation. They will also get to meet some of the amazing Marine creatures up close!

There are many ways that you can help the marine environment and provide the ocean lover in your life with a great gift. From donating to Ocean Cleanup to buying reef-safe sunscreen, there are plenty of options for showing your support. No matter what you choose, know that you're helping to make a difference in the fight against ocean pollution.

Which ocean-lover gift did you share this year?

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