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The Best Restaurants in Tofino, BC

Looking for the best Tofino restaurants? You've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll share our top picks for the best restaurants in this beautiful coastal town. Whether you're looking for a casual spot to grab a quick bite or a nicer restaurant for a special occasion, we've got you covered. So without further ado, let's get started!

The Schooner Restaurant in Tofino offers seafood fanatics a treat like no other. Famed fresh seafood dishes such as seafood chowder, pasta, or oysters and crab, all can be enjoyed at Schooners while taking in the gorgeous oceanside views. The seafood is cooked to perfection. Whether you’re looking for an intimate date night or a casual family outing, The Schooner seafood restaurant will not disappoint. The atmosphere is warm, inviting, and just right for any occasion—the perfect spot to indulge your seafood cravings with ease!

Imagine the perfect Canadian dining experience; spectacular fresh seafood dishes expertly prepared with a canadian-inspired twist. The Pointe Restaurant at Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino offers a limited menu with each item cooked to absolute perfection! Enjoy the rustic Tofino restaurant charm of a Canadian coastal town, mixed with a comforting interior design and pristine ocean views. Taste Canadian specialties like sturgeon piccata, whole steamed dungeness crab, beef tenderloin and pan-seared ‘yarrow meadows’ duck to get a true taste of Canada. Finish it all off with an espresso martini and you won't want your Canadian culinary experience to end!

The Shed is one of the best restaurants in Tofino, Canada is the perfect place for a casual evening out. With its bar-style atmosphere and hospitality, The Shed offers a great family-friendly menu with handcrafted burgers with a twist to poke bowls and salads. Whether you're hanging out with friends or spending quality time with family, The Shed has something that everyone can enjoy.

Are you looking for a contemporary spot to grab a meal in the area? Look no further than Wolf in the Fog! It's a seafood restaurant offering up contemporary sharable menu options from albacore tuna crudo to plant-based dishes like pumpkin gnocci. With its variety of vegetarian-friendly, vegan and gluten free options, everyone can find something they will love here. If you're looking for an unbeatable contemporary dining experience with mouth-watering dishes, make sure a visit to Wolf in the Fog is at the top of your list!

The Rhino Coffee House Cafe is the perfect stop for anyone looking for a quick, delicious breakfast and the coffee beans roasted to perfection. With a cozy cafe atmosphere and great options like omelets and sandwiches, it's hard to go wrong. If you're in a rush, you can grab one of our grab-and-go snack packs full of healthy choices that will keep you fueled throughout your day. Stop by Rhino Cafe for your next breakfast treat!

Tacofino is the west coast's answer to Mexican eats. This west coast inspired taco joint is serving up delicious tacos, burritos and much more - all made with fresh ingredients and soulful west coast vibes. This food truck now has a permanent location in Tofino. This taqueria serves up unique items like crispy chicken burritos and Tuna-Ta Tacos, as well as the original taco and burrito classics. There are plenty of options that everyone in your party can enjoy. With options to suit any taste or dietary preference (including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free) Tacofino is a fantastic way to get creative with your cravings!

RedCan Gourmet is the perfect pizza lovers paradise! This pizzeria gives you comfort food by letting you custom design your pan crust or thin-crust pizza making it fresh before your eyes. Not feeling like a pizza? Grab a signature sandwich or baguette with roast beef or deli meats. RedCan Gourmet is the restaurant you need to try if you're serious about your next pizza being as good as it gets!

This list of the best Tofino restaurants exemplifies this beautiful coastal town. There’s no shortage of delicious Tofino restaurants, unique shops, and activities to choose from. If you're looking for the best things to do around Tofino, check out our blog post. We also have some hiking suggestions and paddleboarding suggestions on our blog.

Who could ask for more? The Schooner Restaurant, The Pointe Restaurant at Wickaninnish Inn, The Shed, Wolf in the Fog, Rhino Cafe, Tacofino, and RedCan Gourmet all offer spectacular dining options with artful distinction. Whether you decide to have a seafood feast or enjoy Pacific-fusion cuisine in true Tofino fashion; you won’t be disappointed with any choice.

Now, who’s ready to come explore what this gem of a town has to offer? Join Blue Jellyfish Adventures on an adventure to Tofino and discover everything that makes it such an incredible destination. With adventure comes exploration, discovering something new and gaining insights even if it’s just yourself you take away with you. What better way than with us?

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