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Instructor SUP Meetup


📢 We are excited to introduce our SUP Instructors Meet Up 📢

Every 3rd Saturday of each Month

Location will vary and details will be sent out by email

This year, I've had the pleasure of speaking with other Stand Up Paddle instructors who have expressed a desire to connect with their peers in order to bounce teaching and guiding ideas off one another and to generally share their passion for the sport.


If you're interested, sign up below and receive exclusive emails with all the deets!

Our Goals for ALL Meet Ups are:
  1. To encourage sharing of paddling and teaching tips and techniques with other professionals.

  2. To enjoy time on the water in a fun, relaxed, positive atmosphere with like minded professionals.

  3. To introduce participants to new paddling locations.

  4. To allow a mentoring of sorts for newer instructors/guides.

  5. To encourage year round paddling.

  6. To build the instructor community and encourage connection.

  7. To introduce the group to BJF events.

Are you a certified SUP Instructor or Guide?
Then this community is for YOU!

We love the concept of Facebook groups but don't really like facebook..sooo we have created a NEW place to chat on Podia!

Once you sign up, you'll be automatically invited to the podia group. Please introduce yourself and share your favourite resources!


Sign Up to Lead

Consider this a monthly board meeting.

This event is lead by volunteer SUP instructors so we can all gain confidence leading, have a chance to play the client role and explore each others special paddle spots.


We encourage you to share your favourite paddling locations with us, tell us the tricks you have learned over the years, and lead casual paddle with your peers.

Sign Up to Attend

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