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How to Pack a Dry Bag for a Day Trip

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

How to pack a dry bag is one of our most frequently asked questions. In this short post we will share some quick tips on how to pack and what to pack for a paddleboard day trip.

First things first, you'll need a dry bag.

What's a dry bag you ask?

It's just a waterproof bag that is 10-20 litre in volume. Like this:

What goes in a dry bag?

Then you need these items to put in the dry bag;

  • Sunblock & chapstick

  • Sun hat

  • Toque (check out our branded coastal toques here!)

  • Warm fleece/wool sweater or synthetically insulated jacket

  • Water

  • Warm soup or tea

  • Healthy snacks - fruit, berries, nuts, crackers & hummus

  • Communication device - fully charged cell phone, VHF marine radio, Inreach or other SEND device in a waterproof case

  • Extra clothes in case you (or your friend) fall in

  • Rain jacket and rain pants

  • Map or chart of area and compass

  • First Aid kit

  • Emergency blanket or shelter

  • Firestarter, waterproof matches

  • Bathroom kit (TP, roll of dog poop bags, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene products)

  • Watertight flashlight

  • Optional: Camera (waterproof or in a waterproof case)

  • Buoyant throw line

To ensure you always go prepared, grab a copy of our Day Kit Checklist.

How to pack a Dry Bag

Since dry bags only provide access from the top, we recommend packing things you need often at the top and things you expect to use less or not at all at the bottom.

In the bottom, I put my: Emergency blanket/shelter, flashlight, first aid kit

In the middle I like to keep my: extra clothing layers, food and fire starter

At the top I like to keep my: water, snacks, rain jacket, map and camera!

Drop us a comment below if you have any additional Dry Bag Questions!

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